The Way of the Echoes of the Heart

KyoShinDo is the name of the Italian Taiko group that plays with passion, joy and energy the Japanese drums’ tradition.Simbolo KyoShinDo

KyoShinDo means The Way of the Echoes of the Heart. This name was chosen by the Japanese Taiko MasterKurumaya Masaaki, to emphasize the creative energy that can arise from every member’s heart.

Each member of the group KyoShinDo is pursuing expressive peculiarities in order to enhance the performing group’s quality.

KyoShinDo follows the Mitsuuchi style, typical from Hokuriku region, taught by Master Kurumaya. This style allows Taiko players to create songs where there is space for individual improvisation and where even the silence, performed by body’s movements, creates beauty and balance into the rhythm.

While riding the rhythm’s wave every player can express with personal interpretation the movements’ power, the quickness and the static’s power. It means not only just to play keeping the time, but to live that time.

Following the Taiko Way means pursuing the sound as expression of harmony, collaboration, and as heart’s (Kokoro) and energy’s (Ki) flowing.

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